Deeksha Joshi takes an online course on gender identity

They say we should never stop learning, whatever age we are. Taking this further, actor Deeksha Joshi she decided to take an online course on Gender Identity at the University of Colorado. The course entitled que Queering Identities: LGBTQ + Sexuality and Gender Identity is a six-week course taught entirely online. Deeksha, speaking about why she chose the course, said: “Since we are locked inside and there is not much to do, I decided to take advantage of this time and enlighten myself in the community. I have always respected them and am glad to know more about them now.

Deeksha has a master's degree in English literature from St Xavier’s College. On the job front, Deeksha was last seen at Luv Ni Love Storys. Since the blockade began, the actor has been fueling his creativity in several different ways.