The lights and colors in Madha.

Madha, the psychological suspense novel which launched just two days before the crash was announced, has been praised for its experimental use Turning on in the film. Srividya Basawa director traces the journey of a proofreader Nisha (Trisha Mukherjee) who falls in love with a cinematographer named Arjun ( Rahul Venkat ) without being aware of his devious plans for her. We speak with Abhiraj Nair, the DOP of the film that tells us more about it. Madha started as an indie project but morphed into a feature film. This transition worked well for us because we got a bigger cast and more resources to set up Turning on and sound to create the eerie mood that we aimed for this suspense novel to have,” he said and went on to detail the importance of light and colour in the film. He revealed, “All the characters had a colour attributed to them based on their personality. While we could have done this with visual effects during post production we chose to use lights to create the aura around each character. This was a major factor in creating the thrilling ambience that we wanted our audience to be sucked in by. I hope we succeeded,” he signed off.