Mrunal Dusanis has discovered many new things in the blockade

The continuum across the country emergency shutdown has forced to stay home. While some are gaining new skills, some are happy to be home with the family. Mrunal Dusanis , who is currently seen in 'He Mann Baware' recently admitted that this time it has given him a chance to realize some of the things.

In a recent video she shared on her social media site, she is seen pouring out her heart and talking about things one tends to ignore due to busy schedules. Bird sounds are now easily audible. We don't hear honks and there is less air pollution. I realized that taking our family is very important and is with us in any situation. Another thing that I have come to realize that good health is also very important. We are always busy planning and thinking about investments, but what good is it if we are not healthy enough, he said.