The crash should have been followed up with more extensive testing for Covid-19: Sitaram Yechury

NEW DELHI: The IPC (M) leader said on Friday that it can help stop the spread of the sole if the government backs it up with more extensive evidence to identify and isolate the hot spots.

Speaking to the press through a social media platform, the Communist party of india The (Marxist) secretary-general said that extending the ongoing blockade of 21 days and increasing economic disorder could have been acceptable only if the correct measures were taken to combat the pandemic.

Simply extending the blockade, and therefore increasing economic misery and the chances that people will lose their livelihood and nutrition, which is the most important thing to combat this pandemic, cannot be allowed, he said.

Highlighting the three-tier recommendations made by an expert committee set up by the Kerala government as an exit plan for the closure, Yechury said it has to be a staggered pullout when opening groups that don't have patients.

Although 17 days have passed since the national blockade was imposed, the government has failed to increase the number of tests for coronavirus, which should have been the main objective of the blockade, said the leader of the left.

The blockade should have been used to identify areas to isolate and seal, otherwise we will have an economic crisis along with a health disaster, he said.

Yechury said in India that only 102 people out of 10 lakh people are being tested for Covid-19, a lower rate than Pakistan, which is testing 197 people for every 10 lakh people.

He said the government should ensure that there are no starvation deaths in the country during the shutdown.

According to reports, 117 people died due to lack of food or shelter or from sheer exhaustion. This situation needs to be corrected, the IPC (M) leader said, noting that the left-wing government in Kerala has successfully provided food, shelter and medical care to stranded migrant workers in the southern state through active state intervention.