User claims Anurag Kashyap is shooting video joint, filmmaker says it's tobacco

A video with Anurag Kashyap seems to have landed the filmmaker in trouble. A user has complained to the Mumbai police that Kashyap is actually shooting a joint " in the video, which is "illegal in India". Soon afterwards, the filmmaker responded claiming he was lamination above tobacco .

"Hello @MumbaiPolice, will you please look into this ? Here @anuragkashyap72 is lamination a joint which is illegal in India," the user wrote.

To this, Kashyap responded, tagging Mumbai Police: "Yes please for once @MumbaiPolice look into it. Once and for all let's make it clear that I roll tobacco and please thoroughly investigate for the satisfaction of the bhakts and the trolls."

Many netizens then started wondering how the filmmaker had managed to get tobacco in these days of lockdown, when the commodity was not being sold openly.

"I am impressed by your honesty sir. Purchasing loose tobacco and lamination it. Accha one minute, where do you get this tobacco from... dawa ki dukaan or sabzi ki dukaan," a user sarcastically commented.