Salman Khan spends quality time with his 'love' in the middle of the running of the bulls, everything is beautiful - look

Actor Salman Khan , who has come forward to help the daily salaried workers in the film industry, is currently on his farm in Panvel with the family. The actor has been staying on the farm since the closure was announced.

Recently, she shared a video with her love enjoying a unique breakfast. Well, it's definitely not who you think it is. He was seen having a gala with his horse on the farm. In the video, he was seen feeding the horse and also eating the same vegetables. At the end of the video, Salman is heard saying he is damn good.

Now Salman has shared a new video with his love where he can be seen playing the fool on the farm. You can also see it riding a horse and enjoying it thoroughly. At first, you can hear him say, in auto-horsilation. He shared the video on his Twitter account and wrote: Being taken for a ride ... In the end, he can be seen worshiping his horse. Look the following video:

Salman stays with his mother Salma Khan as well as his sister Arpita, brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and their children, Ahil and Ayat. Not having known his father for three weeks, Salman has been in constant contact with Salim Khan. Salman and Nirvaan cannot come here, so they are in Panvel. When they can come, they will. There, too, they are at home and we are in constant contact with video calls. Salim Khan he told Mumbai Mirror.