Xi Jinping calls for tighter oversight of workplace safety as China resumes work after coronavirus battle

BEIJING: President Xi Jinping called for tighter oversight of workplace safety measures on Friday as China prepares to resume work and production in a big way after more than two months of fighting the pandemic.

Xi called on officials to strengthen monitoring and enforcement of the production safety law, even as coronavirus cases began to rise again in China following the return of large numbers of Chinese citizens from abroad.

Authorities must firmly maintain the bottom line of workplace safety, Xi was quoted as saying by the state news agency Xinhua on Friday.

Noting that the country had made progress in workplace safety last year with a decrease in the number of accidents, Xi said there were still many risks and there was still a lot of work to do.

Workplace safety should not be seen as a trivial matter or dealt with formalism or bureaucracy, Xi said.

In view of the main features and outstanding issues in workplace safety, Xi said efforts should be made to improve the accountability system, ensure strict rectification of problems encountered, and strengthen risk prevention and control. so that hidden dangers can be eliminated fundamentally and serious accidents effectively braking

Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who led the group of leading officials to control Covid-19, also said that officials should not compromise on safety in the workplace at a time when the country is in a critical period of coordination. control of the epidemic and resumption of work.

The instructions were delivered in a national teleconference on occupational safety in Beijing on Friday.

China has reported 42 new cases of coronavirus, including 38 imported infections, bringing the total to 81,907, health officials said on Friday, as the country began a new trial to re-evaluate patients recovered from Covid-19 in amid increased concern about a rebound from Deadly Disease.

The Chinese health authority said Friday that 47 new cases of asymptomatic coronaviruses, including 14 from abroad, were reported on the mainland.

China (NHC) said 42 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were reported, including 38 imported cases on Thursday.

Four new cases of national transmission were reported, three in one and one in each, he said.

As new infections continue to rise, China on Thursday unveiled a new test protocol that ensures reevaluation of recovered coronavirus patients, as well as intensified detection of asymptomatic cases as concerns about a second wave of infections in the country.

The move comes a day after China lifted the 76-day blockade in Wuhan, where the pandemic originated.

A death at the coronavirus epicenter was reported in Hubei province, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 3,336, while the total number of confirmed cases on the continent reached 81,907 on Thursday. This includes 77,455 patients who were discharged after treatment.

The NHC said 1,097 asymptomatic cases, including 349 from abroad, were still under medical observation.

Asymptomatic cases refer to people who tested positive for the coronavirus but do not develop symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat, but are infectious and pose a risk of spreading to others, according to a new official notification.