NCW Launches WhatsApp Number to Report Domestic Violence During Shutdown

NEW DELHI: The (NCW) released a number -7217735372 - on Friday to report cases of domestic violence, which have seen an increase during the period.

In a tweet, the NCW urged people to report such cases through messages on the number so the agency can provide support and assistance to women in distress or experiencing domestic violence.

The number has only been released during the Covid-19 shutdown period until normal offices resume, the NCW said.

The announcement comes amid an increase in domestic violence cases due to the ongoing blockade. Many women who are victims of domestic violence were found to be more vulnerable during the period of confinement.

The President of the National Commission of Women recently said that complaints of domestic violence have increased day by day since the national blockade was imposed on March 25, with 69 complaints received only by email.

From March 24 to April 1, 257 complaints related to various crimes against women were received.

Of the 257, 69 complaints are related to domestic violence, according to the latest data published by the NCW.

India is currently under the largest blockade with around 1.3 billion people being asked to stay home in view of the outbreak, which has claimed nearly 200 lives and infected more than 6,400 people.