Swwapnil Joshi: This is the longest time I have been home in 30 years

Of bonding with your children, Maayra & Raghav , to helping with household chores & more, Swwapnil Joshi is making the most of emergency shutdown . This is what it has to say:

I was 9 years old when I started working in the industry & this is the longest I have been at home with my family in 30-odd years! The reason behind being away from work is definitely not the best one, but I am utilising the time to catch up on the lost time with my kids Maayra & Raghav . Being with them continuously has made me understand what rare & precious moments I might have lost out on while being away at work. I am also putting up short & interesting videos of my kids & their upbringing on my new Youtube channel .


Of course I am helping with household chores but that’s not something I want to boast about. My parents have brought me up in a home where everyone contributes equally. The emergency shutdown has taught me that no matter how big the danger is, there are a lot of good people in the world that will help you when in need.

I have also decided to stay away from the negativity & so, I am not watching TV news at all. I am rarely on WhatsApp because there, people have already come up with a cure for the coronavirus outbreak, 20 days ago! Going by that, our doctors & researchers are unnecessarily spending time & money on developing a vaccine, isn’t it? I think I am not qualified or intelligent enough to handle such ‘discoveries’ & ‘updates’, so I decided to stay away from the platform as much as I can. On social media, I follow important handles like that of our Prime Minister or the Maharashtra CM, & I get the required updates from there.