Actor Swaapnil Joshi helps his daughter with home work

Like all of us, celebrities also stay indoors and do various activities, so they can spend their time constructively and have a productive day. Some are learning a new skill, some mess up their home, while others spend time with family and children because they generally don't spend much time with them. Swaapnil Joshi has been actively spending a lot of time with his family and doing things around the house. To reduce negativity, he stopped watching television or used many applications. All he is doing right now is spending all his time with the family and that is all he wants to do because he hardly has that opportunity when he is working. Recently, the actor uploaded a selfie with his daughter and captioned the image as Homework Done. This post shows how much time the actor spends with his children and helps them with their activities by keeping them busy.

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Task done! #swwapniljoshi #maayra #pillutv #selfisolation #selfquarantine #fun #love #kids #daughter

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