Shruti Haasan tells people to make digital payments to guarantee social distancing

Shruti Haasan, like many other celebrities, has been very active on her social media pages these days. Thanks to coronavirus pandemic. People have been confined to the same four walls of their houses since the 21-day blockade began. Like many other colleagues of his in the industry, Shruti has also been sharing positive messages, including videos of his singing sessions, with his fans to bring some joyous vibes during this time of distress.

Now, he has published a socially responsible video in which he talks about the importance of social distancing and therefore urges his supporters to make digital payments. His script along with the video says: “A simple way to guarantee social distancing is to use digital payments instead of cash. Switch to UPI and make all your payments easily. (sic)

Meanwhile, it seems the actress is using her time alone quite productively. It seems like he's focusing a lot on songwriting these days. Yesterday, she posted a video for her song In Between Place. They have also seen her play the piano while singing. The script for his post says, “It really seems like we are all somewhere in between! I wrote this song for something else that was going on in my life at the time, but now it resonates more than ever ... I miss playing with my adorable musicians so much! (sic).