Mohanlal to Expats: Stay Positive, This Will Happen Too

Mohanlal He recently posted a special message on his social media account, targeting non-resident Keralites. The actor urged everyone outside India to remain calm and undisturbed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are all fighting to survive this pandemic. We are trying to overcome this enemy that we can't see by washing our hands, wearing masks and through social distancing. There are no other ways… In countries outside India too, the authorities have imposed restrictions and I am imploring you to obey those. I understand the emotional struggles that you are facing about your families here, your job and personal safety. But right now, that conflict would only lead us to bigger troubles. Let’s not think that we are along because all of us in it together… This too shall pass, ”Mohanlal said in the video.

The actor had recently spoken to medical professionals and the health minister. KK Shailaja , praising his efforts during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.