Indian consulate in Houston helping stranded Indians affected by Covid-19 restrictions

HOUSTON: The Indian consulate here has come to the rescue of thousands of Indians stranded in the United States amid the unprecedented emergency situation arising from the global pandemic and the consequent closure in many countries.

The sudden cancellation of commercial flights to India and other parts of the world after the Covid-19 pandemic has left several Indian students, business travelers, and family visitors in many states in the United States.

During these times of unexpected crisis, the Indian Consulate General here, which deals with Indo-American diplomatic affairs in the U.S. states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas, has been providing support and guidance to stranded Indians eager to be home soon.

“The consulate has been working 24 hours since March 14 due to the unprecedented emergency situation and is actively responding to the avalanche of consultations and providing assistance. However, there are no evacuation plans from India at the moment as some believe. There are no flights to India until April 14 and things may change depending on the situation, Aseem Mahajan, the Indian Consul General in Houston, told PTI.

Among the problems facing students at universities include, housing and medical problems.

“Thousands of Indian students at local universities and stranded visitors in the United States continue with innumerable problems such as lack of accommodation and accommodation and medical problems. Some of the students had to leave the university dorms and are struggling to find food and shelter due to limited resources and lack of flights to return to India. Her parents are equally concerned and have continuously contacted the Consulate for help, he said.

Mahajan urged students to stay positive, calm, at home, follow social distancing and local mentoring, and focus on their studies as all schools have resumed online classes.

“Many universities are providing all possible aid to students. They have put them in the residences for anyone who wants to spend the semester. All residences have access to gastronomic services and the campuses are safe, ”he said.

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Some Indians, including researchers, project engineers, and others, were scheduled on a short visit to the US. USA, They will return after the completion of their project, but now they are trapped by visa problems, while some elderly parents who visit it, with pre-existing health problems, are having the worst time acquiring medications as their Indian prescription does not work here Mahajan said.

He said that several private agencies such as the American Medical Association of Indian Orgin are offering medical consultations.

Globally, more than 1.5 million people have been infected with the coronavirus so far, and the deaths are nearly 95,000.

The United States accounts for almost 30 percent of all Covid-19 positive cases and more than 17 percent of all deaths.

In the United States, the virus has claimed more than 16,000 lives and infected more than 460,000 people.