Mohit Chauhan: The time for the courteous dismissal of remixes is over, the industry must clearly state that remixes are not necessary

With the recent remake of the 'Delhi popular number 6' Masakali ', the original composer creator AR Rahman lyricist Prasoon Joshi and singer Mohit Chauhan They are disappointed. The filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra He has also expressed his displeasure.

When we asked singer Mohit Chauhan about it, he said, Masakali has been a really important song in my career. It got me my first Filmfare Award and it was my second song with Rahman Saab, then. It was written by Prasoon Joshi who is a very dear friend and we have worked together on multiple occasions. This beautiful song from 'Delhi 6' went on to become an iconic one. Creating 'Masakali' had been a great experience for all of us involved and it always is so with Rahman saab. I have sung many songs for him and it's always been a great learning experience.

'I remember asking Prasoon Bhai what Masakali meant'

When Mohit heard the song for the first time he was amazed. He said, It was a very different kind of song, at the same time, it was also very beautiful and uplifting. I remember asking Prasoon Bhai then, what was the meaning of Masakali. He had coined that word for this song and explained that there was a pigeon in the film. It was then that I got to know the whole background to the song. We really had a great time doing the song.

'I added the laughter and other nuances to' Masakali '

This song was the result of the fabulous team work between the composer-lyricist-singer and filmmaker. Mohit explained, I let my self a little loose while we created and recorded Masakali, and did little things, improvised here and there. Usually, I go according to the song, the way it makes me feel and then there is a certain spontaneity as a singer that happens. That was the great part of this song and I got to sort of put in my own little things like the laughter in the song and a couple of other nuances and expressions I used. The best part was that Rahman Sir was very kind. It was after all, such a great composition. Even now, when I go for concerts across the world, I sing Maskali and everyone sings and dances with me to it. This is one song that will live forever.

'The song has been slaughtered'

When asked what he felt about the recreated version, 'Masakali 2.0', Mohit said, Rahman Saab and Prasoon Bhai have already conveyed the sentiment that I have at this moment. Imagine this kind of statement coming from Rahman saab. He is a really quiet and chilled out guy, but even he is getting very hassled. You have to pay attention to what he is saying - he is a Grammy winner, he has an Oscar Award, a Golden Globe and he is also a world-acclaimed musician and composer. and when he says that the original should be heard and not the remix. he is politely conveying that the song has been butchered.

'Recreations and remixes make the song cheaper and also show a bankruptcy of ideas and creativity'

Mohit added: I think the time for the courteous layoff of remixes is over and the industry must now state in no uncertain terms that remixes really are not necessary. They make the song cheaper and also show a bankruptcy of ideas and creativity.

The singer firmly believes that there is enough talent here to create originals and said: More original things should come out instead of people turning to folk songs and love songs. It is a lot of hard work to make an original song of this caliber. Some people should not be in the creative field if they cannot have original ideas. And it is no longer correct to treat them in an unconvincing way. You cannot do this with classical literature, dance, poetry. And even books and movies too; you shouldn't choose something that's already incredible and then go back to that.

'I urge composers and music companies to make sure we can hear original things

The singer believes that the industry has been silent for a long time and has not addressed the elephant in the room. I think the time has come to do it. I urge music companies and music composers to make a lot of original music. We are very talented and our artists have many original ideas. I ask producers and music companies to make sure we can hear a lot of original stuff and not remixes and re-creations. I really don't even understand why they do it.