South Korea's Daegu reports no new cases of coronavirus for the first time since the outbreak

The South Korean city of Daegu, once considered the epicenter of the pandemic, did not report the deadly virus on Friday, the first time since the outbreak there nearly two months ago.

The city 300 kilometers south of Seoul stood at 6,807, unchanged from a day earlier, according to the and Prevention (KCDC).

Daegu still represents more than 65 percent of the country's total Covid-19 cases, he reported.

The city's death toll reached 142, representing about 70 percent of the nation's 208 official Covid-19 deaths.

The outbreak in South Korea has gradually slowed down after registering hundreds of new infections each day and once became the second most affected country in the world earlier this month.

The reason for this drop in cases in South Korea is seen as the strict measures taken by the government.

South Korea was able to recover at a much faster rate than other countries by establishing test centers immediately, evaluating passengers flying to airports, ordering residents to self-isolate immediately, and tracking those with confirmed cases of the virus. .

During his talks with the President on Thursday, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi He also expressed appreciation for the technology-based response deployed by South Korea to manage the crisis.