Closure activities of Anu Choudhury

Actress Anu Choudhury has been spending it emergency shutdown time reading books, feeding stray dogs outside his apartment building and communicating with activists on the phone.

The actress, who has spent more than 20 years in Ollywood and he has also made movies in Bengali , Hindi and other Indian languages ​​said that the industry was hit hard during the 1999 super cyclone and that it is now a similar situation, with almost no one working. Many technicians and helping hands in the industry are seriously affected.

“Since the emergency shutdown , I have been following a regular routine of waking up early in the morning, going for a walk and feeding stray dogs, who keep waiting for me.Then I do some household chores. I also read books, watch films and online series. Most of my time goes towards instructing and coordinating with party workers about various works relating to awareness activities about the pandemic and relief work,” said she.

She said that she has been doing everything possible to help others during this crisis and to show solidarity with the people of the country and the world. She also shares videos of her raising awareness about hand washing , social distancing and all government recommended security measures. He has also been collecting masks to distribute to people who cannot pay and at the same time go out to do essential work.