My role at Posti is very different from what I've done so far, says Raghveer Boli

Raghveer Boli She is one of the Punjabi stars who made everyone realize that it is not screen time that helps you make an impression on the audience, but the character you place and the content that supports it. The actor was last seen as ‘Kang’ in ‘ Ik Sandhu Hunda Si ’And then they will see it in‘ Posti ’. Talking about his character in ‘Posti’, the actor exclusively told ETimes that this time the audience will get to see something different.

Raghveer Boli told us that so far the audience has seen him in mostly comic roles, but with ‘Posti’ a very different and serious shade of him will be presented on the screen. Spilling further beans he said, “My role in‘ Posti ’is very different from what I have done so far. My character is of an educated boy, who is unemployed. Though I have studied really well, did B.Ed, M.Ed, I have failed to get employed. Initially, this character is very positive, he has dreams and aspirations, he feels proud of the fact that he has done his degree and now he will be posted well, and can fulfill the dreams of his parents. However, since he couldn't get what he dreamt of, it drags him from positivity to negativity. I've become frustrated, and heads on to the wrong path of drug abuse. ”

“As the sages say that an empty mind is a devil's workshop. So now when a person has nothing to do and is frustrated, then he takes the wrong path and so does my character in the movie. I am proud of the fact that Frog ranbir & Gippy Grewal I thought I could get this role, Boli added.

‘ Posti ’ was slated to be released in March, but owing to the lockdown the movie’s release got postponed until further notice. Thus, all that Raghveer wants as of now is for the lockdown to get over & ‘ Posti ’ to hit the big screens as soon as possible.