Ashwin and Vishnu Vishal discuss the latter's career on social media

Vishnu Vishal is kept busy with his constant exercise regimes during the coronavirus emergency shutdown . The actor who is in a relationship with Badminton star Jwala gutta She responds to posts from her that her fans adore. Ravichandran Ashwin, off the top, dragged Vishnu Vishal into an interesting conversation recently. Ashwin answered the question: Who is the player from another sport that you think would be a good cricket player?

Vishnu Vishal repeating to Ashwin tweeted: 'Haha Ash, hugging face, hugging face ... sometimes I even think it should have continued ... I quit when 20/20 was introduced and that would have been my strength ... but LIFE she has her own plans ... hugging face (sic) 'To which Ashwin replied:' Athaan Jeeva you fulfilled the wish noFace with tears of joy Surprised by the stars 'Responding to that, Vishnu published:' Yes ​​totally agree .. Reel life fulfilled my real life wish ... the only way I could have played for the country ... 'CINEMA'. Surprised 'To what Ashwin said:' Taking someone's life into the world is cinema. You rockers'

Vishnu Vishal is currently working on his film. FIR TREE . The work of editing the film continues despite the blockade.