Dutee is busy cooking during the lockdown

Celebrity sprinter Dutee Chand has been out of the track from the emergency shutdown was imposed in the last week of March. The sprinter recently shared a photo on social media showing what negligible exercise routine has done to your body. At the same time, she also shared a video that showed her Cooking skills. Dutee Chand insta pic Dutee Chand photo

“Since emergency shutdown was announced, I haven’t been able to go out for practice. The lack of exercise routine and training have started showing its effects on me. Though I exercise routine a little at home, it’s not enough for an athlete. A runner needs to exercise routine and train daily. I will need more than six months to return to my original form. I remember it had taken me more than a year to return to form during the hyperandrogenism problem, said the athlete, who was the first athlete in the country to speak openly about his homosexual relationship.

Since there is hardly any sports related activities she can do at home, she indulges in some hobbies like reading and Cooking . “I love Cooking . Whenever I get time, I cook. Now, I have a lot of time and I use it for Cooking , reading and talking to friends. I also have been watching movies, for which I never got time earlier,” Dutee said, adding that she prays that the crisis gets over as soon as possible.