It's the best time to revisit old memories, says TV actor Suman Dey

Memories work like a time machine. You can take us to any time when we want. Actor Suman Dey He is currently using memories to travel back in time in the old days. From the places he visited in his childhood to the awards he won during school and university days, Suman is reliving all the memories once again in the midst of the emergency shutdown phase. The actor is in the hometown. Siliguri .

“I was looking at some of the old photos and I was nostalgic. I asked Maa to give me all the old photo albums so I could remember those beautiful moments. Maa gave me all the albums and I started looking at the photos. Revisiting old memories became even more special when my nephews joined us. It turned out to be a long adda session full of nostalgia when Maa, Boumoni, my brother, started talking about the old days, says the actor.

He shared how members of his family walked the memory path and talked about the places they had visited and their early childhood days when they lived in Kurseong.

Suman became emotional the more he talked about the old memories. Maa kept my trophies very carefully. When I touched those medals and cups, it took me back to the old days. I won these in sports, debate, chess and other competitions, he shares. Recalling old memories left the actor overwhelmed.

The actor is ready to start a new adventure. He will play a king in the upcoming fantasy drama ‘ Kheerer Putul ’.

He says, “It is the best time to revisit old memories. Memories can do wonder. I am utilising the home quarantine phase with my family. I have to go back to Kolkata for shooting once the emergency shutdown ends and everything normalises. I will carry these beautiful memories with me.”