Bored in the middle of the confinement? Rukmini's message is sure to lift your spirits!

Rukmini Maitra have some inspiring words to help you get through these coronavirus pandemic crisis It's important to try not to panic and do your best to stay safe, and Rukmini's message is sure to help his fans stay calm and stay positive during these times.

The beautiful actress who will be seen soon in ‘ Switzerland 'opposite Open Chatterjee It suggests some ways to stay optimistic during these times of quarantine and social estrangement when people find themselves with much more time to appreciate the wonders of life instead of being caught up in the rat race.

“For example, now is the time when we finally wake up to what we are missing, such as taking a walk in a park and enjoying the beauty of nature. On the positive side, we have more time to ourselves so that we can enjoy activities that we couldn't do before, like cooking a fresh meal from scratch at home or interacting with our family members with whom we live and who we would otherwise take for granted. . We have also become aware of the repercussions of the abuse of natural resources and we are forced to be much more environmentally conscious. In fact, with so much to be thankful for in life, why waste our time and panicked thoughts about anything good? The actress said while spreading a positive environment to create social awareness.