UP Police Busy Busting Fake Reports, Videos Against Jamaatis, Minority Community

MEERUT: In addition to imposing the ongoing blockade on the state, it is keeping itself busy with another equally important task at hand: stopping false news reports and taking action against those trying to give the pandemic a twist.

Since a religious convention held by the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi was discovered to be the source of a large group of Covid-19 patients, UP police have marked and removed several of the alleged misbehaviors of quarantined Jamaat members . For example, last week media reports claimed that those quarantined in Saharanpur asked for non-vegetarian food and even defecated outdoors.

Soon afterward, Saharanpur police used their official Twitter account to dismiss the reports. Saharanpur SSP Dinesh Kumar said that after the news was released, local police investigated the matter. There was no open defecation. Someone had thrown garbage after eating and that was it.

Another tweet claiming that people in one sector in Noida were quarantined after they came in contact with Jamaat members was denied by Noida DCP Sankalp Sharma from their Twitter account.

Police in other districts have also used their official Twitter identifiers to rule out false reports. A tweet from a television channel that Jamaat members found positive in the Firozabad district threw stones at an ambulance, and the police quickly dismissed the medical team.

Most of the fake Jamaat-related news posts emerged after an incident was reported from Ghaziabad on April 2, more than a fortnight after the congregation was held in Nizamuddin of Delhi between March 13-15. Reports emerged that six quarantined Tablighi Jamaat members had misbehaved. with nurses at the Ghaziabad facility. A letter from Ghaziabad Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) to District Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kalanidhi Naithani recounting the incident was widely disseminated on social media. A case was filed and the matter is now under investigation.

But since then, UP Police have had to deal with a barrage of fake news. Since the blockade took effect on March 25, the police have taken action against 66 fake news posts, of which 21 were on Facebook, 18 on Twitter, 16 on TikTok, and 11 on WhatsApp. Several of them cited Tablighi Jamaat, while some accused members of the minority community for deliberately trying to spread the virus, a police officer said.

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