Karnataka: the man takes a river route to avoid the police, he drowns

HUBBALLI: After an altercation with the police at a checkpoint to venture out during the shutdown, a 45-year-old bus driver decided to swim to his town, just over 1 km away, and ended up drowning in Krishna. Mallappa Bommanagi's body was found near Amargol on Wednesday.

Mallappa, who worked at NEKRTC's Ballari depot for the past 12 years, was detained by police at the Tangadagi checkpoint in Muddebihal (Vijayapura) on Tuesday when he was returning with his wife and five-month-old daughter. He was bringing them from his in-laws' house in the village of Sarur in Muddebihal, where his wife had delivered the boy.

While Mallappa's house in the village of Hullalli in the Bagalkot district and his in-laws' place across the river in Vijayapura is about 22 km away, vehicles often take a shorter route that reduces the distance to 10-12 km.

Police beat him, alleging that the man's brother

These roads were blocked and vehicles were searched. Mallappa wanted to escort his wife and baby home, said Parasappa, his older brother.

On Monday, he arrived in Sarur in a freight vehicle through Dannur and. The three were returning Tuesday in another freight vehicle when they were detained in Tangadagi. When the police objected to Mallappa moving during the closure, the vehicle left them there and left, said Parasappa. Mallappa's house is 1-1.5 km from there.

The police reportedly jailed Mallappa for leaving during the confinement and, after an argument, allowed his wife and son to go home. Mallappa's wife managed to walk the stretch with the baby in her arms. Parasappa said the police hit Mallappa for arguing with them and refused to let him pass. Not willing to walk home and risk facing each other again in Tangadagi, he decided to swim. Since he did not have the courage to face the police again, he took that step, said Parasappa.

Mallappa Maddi, SI, did not comment on the allegations of confrontation or beating.