Sonakshi Sinha: A quality of the daughter, dad Shatrughan Sinha admires

The quarantine time has been to reunite the families. One such family is the Bollywood Sinhas. With India following the shutdown, Dad Shatrughan Sinha , Mom Poonam, daughter Sonakshi and sons Luv and Kush have been left under one roof. It rarely happens that we can spend so much time together, Shatrughan says. The actor and politician is known for his humorous side. While keeping her family entertained with her witty phrases, we ask her who in the family is so witty and she replies: Sonakshi is extremely humorous. She also continues and mentions: She has the beauty of her mother and the confidence of her father. While having a family gala time, the leading Bollywood actor mentions that he misses flying. He says: “My airline friends would say that I fly more than pilots (laughs). Well, every second day I am flying. Now I am punished. He signs and says: “I am based on the national interest. I have been the nation's minister of health (Minister of Health and Family Welfare of the Union Cabinet from January 2003 to May 2004). It becomes my national duty to be with the nation and obey the guidelines they dictate. ”