Locked up without liquor, permit holders seek 'medicine' in Gujarat

GANDHINAGAR/AHMEDABAD: Dry Gujarat has become drier during blocking. And despair is visible everywhere. On Wednesday, two people transporting liquor from the country in an ambulance were caught by Naroda police. They confessed that they believed the ambulance would be a safe vehicle in case of a medical emergency!

Meanwhile, permit holders who obtained a license to drink for health reasons have pushed the alarm buttons for denying themselves 'medicine' and are demanding that they be allowed to obtain their quota at permit stores.

I was prescribed liquor for health reasons. I don't understand that if I can get medications from a medical store, why is the government not allowing me to buy liquor by closing liquor stores, said a 65-year-old permit holder in Paldi. He even obtained a new prescription from a doctor to no avail.

Dumpers are having a hard time in the state, as illegal traffic in alcoholic beverages has also been reduced by 80% due to the strict police presence on the roads. For licensees, the situation is ironic. While the state prohibition department has not issued directives to close liquor stores during, district authorities have closed all stores and restaurants attached to hotels.

Sunil Kumar Dholi, director of prohibition and excise duties, said: We have not issued any directive to stop the sale of liquor to health permit holders. Since all liquor stores in the state are attached to hotels and hotels cannot function, district magistrates are required to make a decision that allows them to operate in special circumstances.

Many hoteliers with licensed liquor stores admit receiving phone calls from health permit holders. Permit holders, especially older adults, feel tall and dry. However, due to restrictions, we are unable to sell liquor. This not only affects our income, but is also a major drawback for permit holders, a city official said. hotelier.

Hoteliers also said that several foreign nationals, especially those from Korea and Japan currently in Sanand, also face difficulties without liquor.