Neeru Bajwa gives adequate response to people who thought he had twins through surrogacy

Motherhood is a joy that every woman wants to enjoy in her life, and the queen of Pollywood Neeru Bajwa you are appreciating the same thing right now. The actress is the mother of three beautiful girls, Anaya, Aalia and Aakira. And for the uninitiated, Aalia and Aakira are twins who arrived in the world of Neeru just a couple of months ago. Now, on the one hand, all of Neeru's fans were so happy that she was pregnant and a mom a second time, that few thought the actress had babies through surrogacy. In general, the Pollywood queen doesn't pay much attention to those things, but this time she just let it go.

She shared a video that was filmed just a day before it was due to be delivered. In the video, the actress can be seen wearing a hospital gown, carrying Aanya on her lap. And her beautiful baby bump is very visible. When putting the video, Neeru wrote: “I have been reading everyone's comments and I see that some of my supporters think that I was not pregnant and that I had a substitute (I have nothing against it) this was the day before giving light. my water had broken a week before and I had a lot of belly. I just trained every day like I did when I wasn't pregnant, I ate healthy before, during and after… Of course, I gave myself up every now and then, but I was really pregnant for those who really want the truth. ”

When the video came out, Neeru fans began to flood their love. While one fan wrote: You don't need to test anyone 🌹, the other wrote: You are a strong and hard-working woman. I don't think you should or should give an explanation to anyone. Enjoy your trip.

Some other comments were: “I am sorry that I even had to address these ridiculous comments. It's still you. Silence those who hate.

You are beautiful and there is really no need to clarify it ...! In snapshots we can see that you were pregnant and beautiful ... ♥ ️ I love you, your family and the Baby ..! ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ”

Well, you shouldn't explain it to anyone ... if no one thinks it's up to them ... good luck to you and your beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️

Meanwhile, amid the lock down, Neeru Bajwa is enjoying family time with her daughter, husband and sister Sabrina.