Stranded for 22 days, the Lucknow man hangs himself in Bareilly

BAREILLY: Anurag Deep Gupta, a 28-year-old Lucknow area resident, who was stranded in Bareilly for 22 days due to the confinement, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in a room in the guest house where he had since been. 28th March.

Gupta, who was on a business trip to Bareilly, was found hanging in room 105 of the guest house on the Railway Warehouse road under the boundaries of the police station.

When Gupta did not leave the room in the morning, the manager of the Nadeem guesthouse knocked on the door, but received no response, police said. Suspecting something was wrong, Nadeem peeked into the room through the fan and found Gupta hanging from the ceiling fan, police said, adding that Nadeem immediately alerted them.

Police said they tried to access Gupta's contact details from his mobile phone, but it appeared that the victim had deleted all the mobile data before taking the extreme step.

The manager said Gupta made several attempts to return home, but to no avail. He was upset and used to eat only once a day, he added.

Subhashnagar Police Station (SHO) officer Harishchand Joshi said police opened the door and sent the body for a post-mortem examination. We learned from his ID card that he was a resident of the Jankipurm area of ​​Lucknow, and we informed his family. It is not clear why Gupta had come to Bareilly. His father, who arrived here along with two other people from Lucknow, told police that his son never told him about his business. After the autopsy, the body was released to the family. They took him to Lucknow in a private ambulance.

The SHO added that they did not record a case since the family was not interested in a further investigation.