India can meet global demand for HCQ with household products: ipca

MUMBAI: Ipca Labs has said that there is a large supply of (HCQ), the highly touted drug used to treat certain Covid-19 patients, with the capacity in India built for world markets in addition to meeting the country's demand. . The Mumbaibased pharmaceutical company is one of the two largest in HCQ.

Ipca is not part of the US supply line. USA Currently due to logistical problems, but hopes to catch up soon within a month. It is, for now, helping the Indian government build its reserve reserve of Rs 10 million, and an additional dose of Rs 3-4 million for state governments. The cost of producing the drug is more than doubling with certain solvents and chemicals used in it. But we will absorb them, says Dr. MD A K Jain of Ipca Labs, adding that the impact on margins will be minimal with the sale of large volumes.

We have a fully integrated plant with key starting materials and raw materials (APIs), and we are increasing to 26 metrics in the next month and a half. A greenfield plant cannot be established to meet demand. So we are identifying and classifying bottlenecks. We will add additional packaging lines at the same facility where HCQ is manufactured, ordering additional machine parts (for filtration and reactors) and excipients, and obtaining the required government authorizations for any proposed increases, ”he told TOI.

In addition, for domestic orders and exports (packaging materials, bottles, aluminum, cartons), the entire supply chain must be updated. The company produced around 3 metric tons per month, and will now produce 20 metric tons (about 10 crore pills). There are no supply chain problems (for us), and even at the peak of China's closure in February-March, we did not face production disruptions as the import of basic chemicals was another part of China, not Wuhan, clarified. .

Alkem, Torrent, Wallace, Micro Labs and Cipla are other manufacturers, but produced minimal quantities in March.