Returning doctors beaten by police

BHOPAL: Two AIIMS-Bhopal PGs, including a woman, were beaten in the Sewania area on Wednesday night despite showing identification cards. One of them, Dr. Yuvraj Singh, suffered a broken arm. SP (South) Sai Krishna S Thota ordered an investigation and removed an agent from active duty.

Dr. Singh and his colleague Dr. Ritu took to social media with a video statement of their ordeal on Thursday. They say they were returning home after the emergency service when a patrol stopped them. We showed our ID cards, but they started to misbehave with us and hit us with sticks. The policemen were shouting: Yeh Corona faila rahe hain, the doctors bahar thodi ghumte hain (these people are spreading the crown, the doctors are not moving), the duo said.

ASP Sanjay Sahu said Bag Sewania police received information Wednesday that some people were gathering in violation of the blockade. At the same time, the police detained three PG doctors who were probably returning in a two-wheeled vehicle after buying milk. An agent is said to have beaten them with his cane and directed them to return, ”he said.