I can kill or be killed by my sister Shagun: Taapsee Pannu

Sharing a wonderful relationship with her sister Shagun, Taapsee says it is she who conducts a reality check on a daily basis. After finishing a movie, I have my sister when I return home and she checks reality on me daily. And after each movie, I travel. I like the detox therapy that makes me travel. And almost always Shagun is with me when I travel. She's my traveling companion. She, along with a few friends at times, we all go to these alien places where no one knows me or I know no one. We just chill out and have lots of fun. No holiday of mine is complete without Shagun. Even now, we live in the same house and I won't have it any other way, says TaapsEe who keeps sharing these lovely pictures of the two on her social media handles. Taapsee and  Shagun  on one of their holidays (BCCL) Taapsee and Shagun on one of their holidays (BCCL)

Taapsee Pannnu (BCCL/ Vishnu Jaiswal) Taapsee Pannnu (BCCL/Vishnu Jaiswal)

Sharing memories of their childhood, Taapsee says the two sisters stopped fighting at a young age. The sibling fight, in our case, ended quite early when we were teenagers because I once hit my sister's head on a table. The fight began over who will play the video game first, and I being the oldest and bossy I sent to play first. So the fight between siblings in early adolescence is regular, we often get physically hurt, but it's always minor. But that day when I banged his head on the table and the sound of his head hitting the table was heartbreaking. Although I did, I instantly grabbed her and hugged her and after a few seconds when I looked at her, she had a big cut on her face near her eyebrow, and my entire shirt was dirty with her blood. And I remember I froze after looking at her. the blood. I remained numb until the moment my sister was taken to the doctor. That day changed everything in my life completely. Uske Pehle I used to think of her as a brat. We had that typical sibling rivalry before this incident.

Taapsee had shared this pic of her with her sister  Shagun  on Instagram (BCCL) Taapsee had shared this pic of her with her sister Shagun on Instagram (BCCL)

But after that day, I never touched my sister to harm her in any way. I remember after that incident, every time my sister indulged in any fight, I used to be the one who stood like a mob asking everyone 'who touched my sister' I became a bully to others if anyone touched her or said something to him.

Taapsee and  Shagun  Pannu (BCCL) Taapsee and Shagun Pannu (BCCL)

And now I'm in that stage where I can kill her or kill her for her, so people now know they can't mess with my sister. She is the only person who can make me do really bad things, says the Actress.