Amid #coronapandemic, it's love in the Alps for singer Monali Thakur

On March 13, a few weeks before across the country emergency shutdown It was announced, singer Monali Thakur went to Switzerland to be with his Swiss-German boyfriend , Maik Richter . The two met when Monali was on vacation with her friends in 2016. n Talk to BT from Lauterbrunnen , he ' Moh Moh Ke Dhaage ' singer says, “I figured that there would be a emergency shutdown with the way things were going. I wanted to first take care of my family in India, so I stocked up on provisions, medicines, etc for them and then left for Switzerland.”

Elaborating on how time is passing in the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps Monali shares: “We are not confined at home like in India. Although we do not have restaurants, pubs or open public areas, except groceries, banks, hospitals, postal services, etc., we can withdraw. So, I'm biking all day, and I love biking in the mountains alone. It is amazing to be in the middle of nature. When I'm not outdoors, I record songs in the home studio here. I'm also cooking for my better half.

pic 2About the dishes she is cooking up for her boyfriend , Monali says, “I’m having fun experimenting in the kitchen. I cook a lot of Indian dishes, like dal, which my extended family loves. Maik is also fond of Indian spices, but the ones that are available here have a firang touch. So, we are missing our Indian spices.” She adds, “Maik’s family has a big farmhouse here. Since it’s in the mountain region, it’s peaceful.”

So are there any plans for a wedding this summer? “You never know, it could be next summer. I will definitely share more about that whenever it happens, he concludes.