Rajasthan Closure: Yoga and Music Sessions for Migrant Workers in Jaipur Refuge Homes

JAIPUR: To keep hundreds of migrant workers housed in various shelters in the Jaipur subdivision healthy, fit and optimistic, the administration of the bloc has started special yoga and physical training classes for them.

And that's not all. To make you feel at home, fun singing sessions will also be organized.

In total, there are nine shelters in the Jaipur subdivision that house more than 740 migrant workers. In the district, there are 54 foster homes that have around 1,600 workers.

At Adarsh ​​Senior Secondary School, which has become one of those shelters, 143 workers have stayed here since they were prevented from going to their villages spread across Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab.

Ashok Kumar, the physical trainer at Adarsh ​​Senior High School, blew the whistle around 5.15 p.m. to send a signal to the workers that it was time for yoga classes.

As he made them stand in six rows, Kumar said: “We will hold 90-minute classes in the morning and afternoon. This will help them stay fit and healthy. Without wasting time, she returned to her job and began telling workers about the benefits of physical training and yoga.

“The district administration began teaching yoga and physical exercise classes for migrant workers. The school's PTI (Physical Training Instructor) will hold classes for workers twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, said Sandhya Arya, principal.

“Everyone participated in the training. If someone wishes not to participate, we cannot compel them to do so, he added.

Rehana, who was on her way to Punjab from Ajmer Sharif Dargah along with three daughters, was also brought to this shelter by the police. “They brought us here from Transport Nagar. I work as a domestic worker in a company in Punjab. He had gone to Ajmer to visit the dargah. I earn around 7,500 rupees every month and spend 2,500 rupees on room rent alone. The electricity bill is separate. The owner had assured me that I would increase my salary in March. But now I'm stuck here and I didn't get my last month's salary.

Yahan sab kuch thousand raha hai ... Allah ka shukar hai ... jo bhi thousand raha hai sahi hai (Thanks to the Almighty, everything is provided to us. Everything provided to us is fine), he resumed his evening prayers saying this. .

“The idea behind all of this is to keep migrant workers fit. Coronavirus is related to the respiratory system. Yoga, pranayam, and physical exercises can keep you fit. Soon, we are planning to start music sessions in these shelters. Everyone can participate. Some feel nostalgic and depressed. It will be done to make them feel at home, ”said Jaipur SDM Yugantar Sharma.