Anushka Manchanda: My family and I locked ourselves in long before the official closure was announced.

Musician Anushka Manchanda is super conscious about keeping complete isolation and his family shares the same sentiment. In a recent conversation with the Bombay Times, the singer spoke via video message about the precautionary measures she is taking to ensure COVID-19 he doesn't come knocking on her door.

Every morning, my family and I get up and do an aarti in the morning, saying β€˜Corona, go ... go Crown I wish it was that simple, but we entered the blockade long before the official blockade was announced so you can imagine that we are well aware. We have completely minimized the movement: nobody leaves the house and nobody enters the house except me and my brother. We leave the house once a week or once in two weeks and we also come covered from head to toe, like characters from the video games my brother plays and it seems that we are coming straight out of a zombie apocalypse or something. We are also very careful with deliveries that arrive at the house, which, again, is very rare. And everything that enters the house, we disinfect it. We are practicing hard core social distance and we basically stay home and stay safe. We hope you are, too, Anushka said.

Anushka recently posted this photo of her 'covered from head to toe' on Instagram with her brother by her side, dressed in the same intensity.

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