Police officers beat two minor doctors in Bhopal; ordered probe

BHOPAL: Two junior government doctors, including a woman, alleged that they were beaten by personnel who accused them of spreading, prompting authorities to take disciplinary action against an agent and order an investigation into the incident on Thursday.

Doctors were injured in the attack, which they said took place near their workplace as they were heading home after service on Wednesday night.

Taking a serious note of the incident, the Superintendent of Police (South) on Thursday attached an agent to the line (removed him from field service) and ordered an investigation.

We showed them our identifications and we also had our aprons on, said the doctor, identified only as Ritu, accompanied by the other victim, who was bandaged on the right hand.

There were a few more colleagues. The police officers were abusive and said it was we who spread the viral infection.

They threw away our belongings and kept hitting us with sticks for no rhyme or reason, he alleged as his colleague nodded approvingly.

She claimed that the police also told them you are a disgrace to this country.

We first relayed the matter to our teachers and filed a complaint in the police mobile control room over the phone, he said, showing off his neck bandage.

The two doctors then received first aid at AIIMS. Some of his friends recorded his ordeal and posted it on social media.

Dr. AIIMS Bhopal, Director, told PTI that they now hold no grudge against the police, as officers immediately contacted the hospital after the incident and took immediate action.

Trying to minimize the incident, he said it was not appropriate to focus on small things in the midst of a major health crisis.

SP Thota said: The police received a call that some vendors were selling vegetables near AIIMS, which they should not be doing. Two officers rushed to the scene in a four-wheeled vehicle to disperse the crowd.

People were running around without stopping when they saw the police. Near the same place they saw these (two) young doctors dressed in civilian clothes. It was difficult to differentiate them from others in the crowd, he said.

These doctors were not buying vegetables ... they were buying milk, added the SP.

An altercation took place, but the doctors suffered no major injuries or fractures, Thota said.

The SP recognized the role of doctors in the fight against the coronavirus crisis.

Doctors and police are on the same line in the fight against the virus, and we want cordial relations between the two pillars that really strive to handle the situation, he said.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Kamal Nath He called the incident embarrassing.

He tweeted: Police officers beating two PG doctors, including a doctor, have come to light. This is extremely embarrassing.

We are proud of the doctors who care for people during the pandemic by risking their lives.

The leader of the Congress demanded strict measures against the guilty parties to guarantee that such incidents are not repeated.