LifeIntheLockdown: Neena Gupta shares how she stays positive amid the crisis

When we arrived at our mountain house in Mukteshwar, a few days before the closure was announced, my husband (Vivek Mehra) and I had only planned to stay here for a week. but it has been above 20 days since we are here. We also have our staff member from Delhi with us here , WHO has been helping with cooking and housework.

Neena Gupta with husband

Our vacation home is surrounded by mountains, which I couldn't visit last year due to my busy schedule. So we to have living comfortably in the lap of nature with a beautiful view around us, but how How much time can you spend admiring the view? We to have to keep ourselves busy to keep our minds away from negativity and despair. We’ve got ourselves into a routine where my husband is busy with work-related conference calls. I get up early, do yoga in the morning, spend some time sitting in the sun with my husband, plan breakfast and lunch and read as much as I can, given that I to have a lot of time. We slept about an hour in the afternoon and went for a walk at night in the complex.

The Boy in the Woods

I finished reading The Boy in the Woods and The Tattoo on my Breast and recommend reading it. So basically, I take each day at once and don't think too much about what's going on around the world. It is very easy to lose hope and get anxious in the circumstances we are in now. Sometimes I wonder if this epidemic and blockade is really a dream.

Neena Gupta   (3)

It's extremely tough to stay positive now, however, we to have to try to look for the glimpse of hope and find happiness in the smallest of things and most importantly, be grateful for what we to have . Some of us seek happiness in sharing recipes or workout videos on social media. Each of us has our own way of dealing with the crisis. I wear good clothes, make IGTV videos, interact with people, share what I am reading, talk to my friends above Zoom and WhatsApp videos to stay calm. In fact, I posted a video where I'm wearing ' hard earned ' gold Haar (necklace) that he wanted to wear on a special occasion. Lekin ab kahin ja nahin sakti toh Instagram ke video mein hello pehen liya. Also, I continue with my music lessons through WhatsApp video calls with my guruji , WHO is sitting in mumbai

Keeping busy is the only antidote I can think of right now. I am learning new things every day and I tried to do my hand rava dosa. I followed an online recipe and the dish turned out very well. We don't to have the required ingredients in our house here so naturally Rice flour was not available. Thus, I made the flour from scratch, soaked the rice, dried it, and then made a paste in the mixer.

We are fighting in our ways because there is fear and uncertainty Neena Gupta showing her new jewellery. The underprivileged and daily wage earners are struggling to get one meal in a day. And while we to have food, we to have another set of problems to deal with. I can’t even imagine the plight of migrants in this situation. The exodus was heart-wrenching. I simply can’t stop thinking about them but at the same time, we all to have to try to hope and dream of a future that is bright and has no misery - a better tomorrow and future.

We are all anxiously waiting for the lockdown to get above and the coronavirus to be eradicated, but things are going to be very difficult even after that. Businesses to have suffered a huge loss and life is not going to be a cakewalk for any of us, but that doesn't mean we should stop dreaming or hoping.