Kerala: Life at the Covid hospital is not easy ...

KANNUR: She has a young son, whom she left with her husband at their home near Kottiyoor in the district two weeks ago, when she took over nursing at the Covid Hospital established in. Although she has done her duty, Nurse Jean Mary will have to wait two more weeks before she can meet her son.

This is not the story of Jean Mary alone, but of hundreds of doctors, nurses, and others on call at various facilities where they have been admitted.

A group of medical professionals and assistants must work for 14 days in a row at these facilities and then undergo mandatory quarantine for two weeks before they can join their families.

Every day when I call him, he asks me why I wasn't with him these days, and he hasn't slept properly these days, she says. Although on the verge of tears, Jean Mary says she is happy that she was part of a great mission that saved many lives.

Like her, there are many others who are part of such medical teams and it is the feeling of devotion to their duty that gives them the willpower to fight against adversity, she says.

The 34-member medical team completed their duty on Thursday night, and most days they worked up to 12 hours to ensure patients received adequate treatment. Today they are happy that 11 patients have recovered from the disease during these days. It was on March 27 that Kannur district collector TV Subhash took over this private medical school to turn it into a Covid hospital in the wake of the emergency situation.

Duty was not child's play, he says, who is the nodal officer who coordinates the medical team at the hospital.

Wearing clothes continuously for hours and staying in the hospital in this sensual climate is not so easy, he says. Also, they can't even have a glass of water during this time, but everyone dedicated their time with complete commitment, he said. It was with applause and greetings that fellow staff members and others quarantined them at a hotel in Kannur.