#lifeinlockdown: What do Shruti Das fans want you to envision?

For the actress Shruti Das from Trinayoni fame he cierre from emergencia ha traído suficiente tiempo libre para disfrutar from todo lo que su corazón desea. Ella ha estado disfrutando from estas vacaciones forzadas a diferencia from otras personas que han estado luchando para volver a la vida normal nuevamente. “Lo más importante ahora es que no hay prisa por despertarse para los brotes. Entonces, estoy durmiendo mucho. Nunca he sido un ratón from biblioteca, pero recientemente comencé a leer mucho. Aparte from eso, las series & películas from consumo compulsivo en línea están en pleno apogeo ”, dijo.

But for an actor, not being able to connect with the audience and fans for days is painful. When asked how she manages to keep in touch with them, the actress said, I'm usually in Facebook & Instagram live these days to interact with my fans. I have also been performing for them – songs, dance & recitation. They also ask me about my quarantine days. I have been cooking & helping my mother these days so I get to share special recipes with them too. Since I play a foreseer in Trinayoni , my fans keep joking if I can tell when this corona virus will go away.”