'Create a happy place' during blocking

Although working from home and locking yourself in with your family initially sounded like bliss, times have also started to be monotonous and heartbreaking. So you don't lose heart and keep the fun intact, we did a 'Create a Happy Place' series that was an Instagram video activity. Geetanjali Bahadur, an Instagram influencer, specially worked on three videos to make life a little colorful.

Work from the home desk

Most of us are working from home and as the day progresses it becomes very difficult to cope. To stay focused, engaged, and most importantly happy, Geetanjali showed us how to create a happy workplace from home.

Here are the tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep a few books on the desk for quick reading between breaks.

2. Keep some fresh flowers. They add the much needed color and aroma.

3. A vintage lamp and antique mirror to keep that aesthetic game on point.

4. A photo of your loved ones to keep you comfortable.

5. Scented candles to lighten the mood and relax.

6. Motivational quote frames to help you get through difficult times.

Happy work! Take a look:

Create a Happy Place this lockdown - Work from home corner Facebook Twitter Pintrest

Happy reading corner

We all look forward to that break time or the time when you want to spend time alone with yourself. It's easy to create a cozy corner for yourself where you can read, listen to music, watch your favorite show or play a game. This is how you can do it:

1. Wall frames to bring a smile to your face.

2. A vintage music player to elevate your mood. (You can also put your bluetooth speaker)

3. The books that you like to read about, paint if you like to paint and anything else related to your happiness.

4. Flowers or vegetables. They give your mind oxygen to keep you happy.

5. Scented candles to calm and relax you.


Create a Happy Place this lockdown - Reading nook Facebook Twitter Pintrest

Happy outdoor place

Those who have a garden at home or even a balcony can turn it into their outdoor Happy Place to spend quality time with their family. It's always a big change to be outdoors, especially in these tough times, and here's how you can do it:

1. Add some fun and colorful chairs with your favorite cushions.

2. Lots of green, of course.

3. A bright and cheery rug with books and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

4. Your pet for some extra hugs.


Create a Happy Place this lockdown - Outdoors Facebook Twitter Pintrest