Doing household chores is now easier due to my period at Bigg Boss: Smita Gondkar

Actress Smita Gondkar has won hearts in Bigg Boss Marathi show and one of the reasons that led to winning hearts for her was her Cooking skills. She was spotted Cooking many times during her stance in the show.

While many of her fans are aware of her Cooking skills, but not many know that she has a degree in hotel management too. the Mazhya Navryachi Bayko actress has specialised in front office and food and beverage service. “I have been a hotel management student and so I cook very well. I am familiar when it comes to trying my hands at Cooking ”, shares Smita, adding, “But I don’t cook usually because I am busy with work. The last time I did Cooking was in the Bigg Boss house. Thanks to my stint in the house, I am used to doing household chores (she laughs). It is a little easier for me now because of that.” Lockdown has gotten me to cook more frequently these days, Smita quips.