From brewing Dalgona coffee to parotta, the Kabani Ranjith actor is honing his culinary skills during closing; have a look

Many celebrities are busy preparing their favorite hobbies during this closing phase. From cooking to flaunting their artwork, they are often surprising fans with their lesser-known side.

Kabani actor Ranjith Raj , who is honing his culinary skills, recently shared a video of him making Kerala Poratta with the greatest of ease. The 'master cook' is receiving many compliments on social media.

Here is the video:

Interestingly, the actor has also tried to catch up on the latest trend: making Dalgano coffee. Ranjith has also shared the recipe with fans.

In addition to cooking, the actor is seen spending quality time with his 9-month-old daughter Izabel. She has shared videos of him fondling the boy.

On the labor front, despite starting his acting career with ' Kanyadhanam Ranjith rose to fame with his performance as James in the then-popular 'Autograph' series.