Exclusive: Erica Fernandes' strong message about the effective use of 'Social Media' is revealing

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Actress Erica Fernandes believes that now is the time to use the world of social media in a way that will influence, inform and convey a strong message of hope, caution and need to people in these uncertain times of quarantine.

Erica herself has been using the platform in a very effective and informative way, creating personalized content on how precautions should be taken about certain things at times like these.

The Actress feels that in the need of the hour, people need to use social media correctly and not degrade its usage by spreading panic and false rumours about the situation at hand, which has been the unfortunate case on nearly every digital platform.

Sharing her views on the same thing, Erica says: We should feel privileged to live in times when we have easy access to almost everything due to the digital world. Social media is truly a blessing in many ways, and one of the most useful means in which we have our hands right now. Although what I am sadly seeing is that people are not using this platform in the right way. There are panic-driven messages and photos circulating everywhere, half of which contain incorrect information or half of which is even worse! So what we all need to do right now is try to use the platform to connect with the people who need help during this phase, even if it's just educating them on how to be cautious, or even sending verified information, which can be helpful to them. , after checking its authenticity, of course! Apart from that, I think that a platform like this that with just one click can reach a million people, really needs to be valued and used better. d in a more positive way than what is currently being used.