People still call me Kuttichathan, says Navneeth Madhav, actor in 'Hello Kutttichathan'.

' Hello kuttichathan ' was one of the most loved kids' shows on Malayalam TV. The tale of Kuttichathan (Chotta Chethan) and his four friends was quite a trendsetter back then. As TV channels are having a re-rerun of popular TV shows, ' Hello kuttichathan ' is one of the much-anticipated shows to make a comeback.

ETimes-TV spoke to Navneeth Madhav , who played the title role Kuttichathan aka Kuttappayi on the show. In a free interview, Navneeth talked about the fun moments during filming, how he feels when viewers still call him Kuttichathan.

Navneeth has made movies, but Malayali's audience still remembers him as Kuttichathan.

People still call me 'Kuttichathan' or 'Kuttappayi'. All my Insstagram updates have comments like: isn't it Kuttichathan? It is already ripe. I am honored when people still recognize me, Navneeth said.

Navneeth is currently a busy bee. Although he has acted in some movies and music videos, the young man is taking small steps toward his directorial debut with his brother and actor. Neeraj Madhav .

"Thanks to the team of ' Hello kuttichathan ', the show has evoked this passion in me long before. Even though I was so young to know about film making back then, the show inspired me to a great extent," he added.

In addition to Navneeth, the show served as a springboard for other children's artists now working in this entertainment industry. Shane nigam , big boss Malayalam fame and singer Abhirami Suresh He once played Kuttichathan's friends.

Filming was like a vacation for us. We don't have to go to school on filming days. So it was fun. Also, the show was a learning experience for all of us, it was more like a training process. Navneeth said.

Speaking about the comments he received from the audience at the time, Navneeth shared that the recognition increased his self-confidence.

I still remember the phone call from a boy who asked me to heal his bedridden grandmother with my magic power. I was surprised, I promised to pray for her grandmother. When we went out, people would come and talk to us like a family. member. Mothers invite us to their home and cook something special for us. As an 11-year-old boy, I was overwhelmed by this love, he recalled.