COVID-19: Warner Applauds Sunrisers Hyderabad for Donating Rs 10 Million Rupees

SYDNEY: The world has been paralyzed due to coronavirus Outbreaks and sporting events around the world have been canceled or suspended. Those in a position of strength have come together to help those in need during these difficult times and in the IPL franchise. Hyderabad Sunrises they are the last to have donated in the fight against COVID-19 and that pattern saw David Warner Praise the outfit.

Taking Twitter , Hyderabad Sunrises wrote: "Sun TV Group (SunRisers Hyderabad) is donating Rs. 10 Crores towards Corona Covid-19 relief measures. #COVID19 #CoronaUpdate."

To this Warner replied: How good is Sun Sun Group @SunRisers.

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Warner had shaved his head before to support those who worked on the front line of COVID-19. I have been nominated to shave my head in support of those who work on the front line # Covid-19 here is a span of time. I think my debut was the last time I remember doing this. Do you like it or not? Warner said in a Instagram Post with a video of the handsome left-hander who cuts his hair in time-lapse mode.

The Australia opener has been constantly interacting with fans on social media as the world is under lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. And with the fate of this year's IPL hanging in balance - even though it was set to start from March 29 - Warner took to Instagram to show fans a shoot from last year where he is wielding the bat like a sword just as Ravindra Jadeja does after scoring a fifty.

Taking Instagram , he posted the video and wrote: "Throwback to this time last year to a commercial we were doing for @sunrisershyd Do you think I've got @royalnavghan covered for the sword?"

Warner's teammate Steve Smith On Tuesday, he said he expected the IPL to develop sometime this year instead of being canceled due to the pandemic.