Watch: Manve Surendran channels the inner artist as she tries to draw during closing

Seetha Actress Manve Surendran is tapping her hidden talent during the lockdown phase. The Actress has channelled the inner artist in her as she successfully attempts pencil drawing.

In an exclusive video segment shot for ETimes TV, the Actress revealed that she has tried a hand at pencil drawing and she is happily enjoying it. She also urged fans to utilise the lockdown phase creatively and dedicate it to hone one's own skills. In the video, Manve He has also shared some drawings made by her.

Everyone can feel bored during closing days . But, I have found a way to kill boredom. I have tried to draw in pencil and was even surprised to be able to do it. Now, I'm trying to explore this a lot and keep myself busy during this blocking time, she said.

Manve also urged everyone to try something creative and enjoy the lockdown time.

Due to our busy schedules, we won't have much time to hone our special skills. I'm sure everyone would have an unexplored talent. Take this quarantine time to find out and track it, he added.

In the video, the Actress also requested fans to stay home and stay safe.

Besides pencil drawing, Manve is also spotted doing some bottle arts. The Actress has also cooked some lip-smacking snacks and flaunted her culinary skills too.