COVID-19: AIFF begins online tutoring classes for referees

NEW DELHI: in an attempt to keep umpires fit during the blockade for COVID-19 pandemic , he All-India Football Federation ( AIFF ) has started online tutorial classes for them.

AIFF director of umpires Ravishankar stated: "As outdoor activities have been shut for coronavirus pandemic we had to come up with some plan for the umpires . The courses are part of the ongoing process to improve them, and there cannot be any stop to further development."

Given the current circumstances, we challenge ourselves and feel that digitization was the best and the only viable option.

We felt it was the best way to spend time, use the blockade and maintain our efforts for holistic development, said Ravishankar, former FIFA referee added.

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A total of 60 umpires from categories 3 and 4 have been divided into two batches of 30 participants. The classes are for over two hours thrice a day.

Suresh Srinivasan and Bhaskar are training Batch A, while Antony D'Costa and Rizwan ul Haq are the instructors for Batch B.

Following AIFF 's footsteps, a few state associations have also started online courses for the state-based umpires .

Referees from categories 1 and 2 including the FIFA panelled ones are also attending a trivia session on alternative days to enhance their knowledge on recent amendments in the laws of the game.