I recommend: I would suggest watching movies like 'Parasite' and 'Joker' in the middle of the run, says 'Tumbbad' actor Soham Shah

The outbreak of Coronavirus The pandemic has stopped everything in the nation. Bollywood actors spend quarantine by participating in various household activities. From binge-watching movies to reading books to painting and cooking, everyone is making the most of this newly released calendar. In an exclusive video I recommend with ETimes, Tumbbad 'actor Sohum Shah recommends your amateurs to see your favorite Serie , Films And I also read some good books in the middle of the quarantine.

During a candid interaction with us, Sohum said, " 21 days lockdown has been announced in the country. I feel that each coin has two sides and we should see the positive side one instead of the negative side. We usually complain that we don't have time to do things, so now we have ample time. So I really wanted to recommend a few shows, Films and books with ETimes."

"So there are some shows which I would suggest is 'When they see us', in my opinion, it's a great show about injustice another show you can watch is 'Unbelievable', the show is about trust issues. You can even watch the Serie 'Fleabag' and 'Modern Love'. In movies please watch ' Parasite 'This will be one of my favorite movies for this year, you can also watch' Super Delux 'and some of the ones I already have on my wish list are' Irishman 'and' Joker ', he added.

He also urged his amateurs to spend this time with family at home as you never know you would ever get such a chance to be with your loved ones. Finally, he said do mediation, exercise, eat healthy, stay positive and stay safe.