Tweet of the day: Akshay Kumar's #DilSeThankYou initiative receives great response; stars and fans follow suit

Akshay Kumar has been in front of the Bollywood star train in the battle against coronavirus . From making a major contribution to the Prime Minister's CARES Fund, raising awareness of the pandemic and motivating citizens with an inspiring song, the Khiladi of Bollywood has intensified in times of crisis.

Taking to Twitter, Akshay has started a new initiative #DilSeThankYou to thank the Police, health care worker, vendors, security staff, NGOs, volunteers, and others for their tireless service during the coronavirus pandemic.

By setting up a template for others to join and follow, Akshay shared a photo of himself with a #DilSeThankYou poster and captioned it with his name and other details. Check out the tweet here:

That was not all, as Akshay even tweeted a video in which he shared details about his interaction with a friend from the police. In that video, he remembered his friend saying: “Everyone is afraid to leave their homes and we are afraid to go to our homes. We spend our days interacting with so many people that we shouldn't be bringing this disease home with us. So we don't go home for 10-12 days.

While both the tweets are receiving an enormous response, the hashtag #DilSeThankYou has already started trending on social media. Not only that but several Bollywood stars and fans have also followed Akshay's lead and thanked the police and medical professionals for their continues hard work.