I was overwhelmed to see such safe women: Anumol on his journey to Kolkata

Kolkata was the dream destination for the native Pattambi girl, Anumol, during her school days as she has read a lot and seen even more photos about the famous Howrah Bridge and the city. Growing up, she never imagined that one day fate would take her to the city and offer her something that would connect her to the land forever! Actress Anumol who has proved her acting chops in Mollywood recently bagged an opportunity to feature in a Bengali movie ‘Obhimani Jol’, directed by Kolkata-based National Award-winning filmmaker Josh Joshy Joseph. The actress has completed the shoot and the movie is currently under post-production. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, Anumol details her encounter with the city of Kolkata, where she has been many times by now.

“While in school, I read about Kolkata, its iconic Howrah Bridge, the busy streets and the vibrant life. So I always wanted to visit the city and see the famous Howrah Bridge. While walking through the streets you will feel like walking through history itself. Passing by the Howrah Bridge was a dream come true moment for me. It was quite an emotional moment, ”Anumol said, pouring out her experience with the vibrant city.

“The city has many emotions. Tram trains in the city take you to another time period. Also, you will not see a person you do not know Rabindranath Tagore and his works like Keralite, what impressed me the most was the idea of Kamala Surayya . I wonder if she had passed by the pavements that I was now walking. I went in search of the Kolkata that she had witnessed, ”Anumol’s words clearly indicated her love for the author’s literary works and the woman that she was.

When asked about the most interesting part of the city, Anumol gives us a unique answer! “What I loved most about the city was that the women there are so confident. They are not conscious of the way they look. They aren't skeptic about whether they are on the heavier side or slim, fair or dark, they have hair or not, they are just embracing themselves and all that they have. They are celebrating their lives indeed. They are keeping themselves pleasant and happy all the time. No wonder that the place is referred to as ‘the city of joy’. They are so independent. I was overwhelmed to see such confident women, ”Anumol says with astonishment as she shared her experience with the city.

Anumol also observed something new about the city. What surprised me is that I didn't see women driving vehicles. I have lived in Kolkata for almost 2 months, during my numerous visits, but I have never seen a woman on the roads driving a vehicle. But, still they are confident. I am happy about that, ”Anumol concludes sharing her most precious travel diaries of Kolkata.