Manchester United announces support package to help NHS fight coronavirus

Manchester united They have donated medical equipment and provided vehicles for courier operations to support National Health service (NHS) in its battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier league the club said Thursday.

The club said it would also accommodate more NHS requests for use of the facilities at its stadium. Old Trafford , which has been placed on a reserve list as a temporary blood donation center.

A fleet of 16 vehicles was put on hold with volunteer drivers available to support NHS messaging operations in the area, United said in a statement.

United has also donated medical equipment and consumables to the Salford Royal, including protective gear, bandages, and other club medical supplies.

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The club is encouraging its staff to volunteer for the NHS or in their local communities during the pandemic. Staff will be paid in full if volunteer work is carried out during working hours.

United players had previously agreed to donate 30% of their salaries to local hospitals and health services, and they also collaborated with players from other teams to establish a fundraiser for NHS charities.

Alex Ferguson, the most successful manager in the club's history, said he was delighted to be recognized by the NHS, which had been under his care in 2018 when he underwent emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage.

I am delighted that we are now recognizing the importance of our NHS, as I experienced it two years ago after my life was saved, Ferguson said.

The response to this pandemic has been magnificent and I have been proud of the way the club and the British people have come together to help. Well done.