Prime Minister Modi salutes the courage of the CRPF on Valor Day

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Thursday, he praised the bravery of the staff at the organization's 'shaurya divas' or Valor Day.

@Crpfindia's courage is widely known. Today, I salute this brave force and remember our bravery at the Sardar Patel Post in Gujarat in 1965, the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.

He said that the sacrifices of the valiant martyrs will never be forgotten.

According to the website, on April 9, 1965, a small contingent from the CRPF's 2nd Battalion successfully fought and repulsed an attack by a Pakistani brigade (more than 3,000 people) on the Sardar Post in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, eliminating 34 Pakistani soldiers. and capturing four alive.

Never in the history of military battles have a handful of police officers fought an entire infantry brigade in such a way, he said.

In the conflict, six CRPF men were also killed.

As a tribute to the saga of the brave, April 9 is celebrated as the Day of Valor in strength.